Equipment Sales

Since 1996 EPS has worked with a number of manufacturers and has built strong relationships that has helped them get to where they are today.  These are some of the companies that they work with on a daily basis and can help you obtain any plant components to help you fill your needs.

In addition to these, EPS has relationships with most major manufacturers of water and wastewater equipment as well as local and regional manufacturers representatives. We can help you choose components or install your pre-purchased hardware.

 Chlorinators Inc. –Gas chlorine feed equipment, scales, pacing valves, and other accessories

Eagle Microsystems- Chlorine & Chemical Scales, Dry feed Systems

Environmental Concepts Inc. - Medium bubbles subsurface static tube aeration equipment

Filter Tech Systems- Packaged treatment plants for all potable water applications.

Greyline - Electronic devices for open channel and closed pipe applications, as well as pump station and tank farm controls.

Mapco – Wet scrubbers, fans, and duct work

Meridian Aquatic- Aqua Mat Technology for ammonia removal in aerated lagoons.

McNeil Company - Pre-engineered wastewater plants from small to very large flows.

Mix Tec- Vertical and side entry mixers for all size applications

Puraflo – Peat Bio-filters for small wastewater applications

USA Tank –Bolted steel tanks for water and wastewater, factory coated, stainless steel, and galvanized.